22 Most Interesting Jobs In The World

We used to say “I am gonna be a doctor, lawyer, engineer when I grow up” back in the day. But Gen Z has some ideas. Their career plans are quite different than their parent’s.

We live in a strange world. Catching up the speed of the information is difficult. This advancement quite naturally brings new opportunities, new sectors, new jobs. Most are stranger than we expect.

In this article, we will look at some of the most interesting jobs in the world.

Let’s do it.


What Are The Most İnteresting Jobs İn The World

1.Bicycle Hunter

Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals and bicycle users. The city is thought to accommodate 2 million bicycles.

According to Public Radio International, municipality workers collect more than 15.000 bicycles from the canals. This is a full-time job since the 1960s in Amsterdam.

Well, why are the bicycles in the canals? That’s the question.

The beautiful canals once used to be the drainage canals of the city. Also, bicycles are quite cheap to buy in the Netherlands. Many of the bicycles are quite old and rustic, but again this is a full-time job in the Netherlands.

2. Garbage Detective

If you throw batteries away in the garbage, you need to be on alert. German garbage police might be after you!

The job description of the garbage detectives of Germany is to find the materials that need to be taken care of differently. In other words, you need to be %100 cautious when you get rid of your domestic garbage. You need to sort your papers, metals, glass, and ion batteries and put them in their garbage bin.

Otherwise, you may end up getting a fee from the garbage detectives.

3.Bed Warmer

According to Reuters’ report, there is a hotel chain in England that pays people to warm the beds up.

Your job is simple: You wear a cotton sleeping bag on, sleep a little while in the room and warm up the bed before the owner of the room person arrives.

You make the bed cozier for the customers. Strange though.

4.Fake Manager

Assume that you have no prior business experience but you look amazing in suits. Then you may work as a fake manager in China.

Many Chinese companies take “the image” very seriously. If you look good and presentable, you don’t have to be a graduate of business school or even an employee of the company. You may earn 1000 USD just by being present in a business meeting and shaking hands.

5.Wedding Attendant

In Japan, you can make money just by being a wedding attendant. The purpose is to make the wedding look bigger and nicer. Also, the attendants get free transportation and a free wedding meal as well!

6.Professional Cuddler

Assume that you are on a business trip in Japan and you miss your wife. Then you have another option. You can hire someone just to hug and sleep. Do not forget that professional huggers only provide hugging service, nothing more!

7.Professional Mourner

If you are afraid that nobody will mourn after you when you die, then you can hire professional mourners to cry at your funeral. Unfortunately, you will not see the result of your investment though…

8.Odor Expert

Odor experts test the effectiveness of pre-production deodorants and give their feedback about it. We all should be thankful for their service!

9.IMAX Screen Cleaner

Nobody can deny the immersive experience of watching a movie on an IMAX screen. But the screen can not yield that experience if it is dirty and dusty. The company called 1570 Cinema is just doing this job and cleaning the IMAX screens.

10.Furniture Tester

Yes, you can make money just being a potato couch. “Furniture testers” experience the newly-designed furniture and rate them according to their comfort, durability, stability criteria.

11.Funeral Director

If you have not watched the HBO cult “Six Feet Under”, you should immediately binge-watch the series because it tells the story of a funeral house family.

Being a funeral director necessitates conducting the funerals in peace, providing consolation to the deceased’s family members, and giving the space to the funeral attendant to be together for a while.

Sad but mentally (and often financially) satisfying job.

12.Chocolate Taster

“Chocolate is life” for many people. Yet, be ready! There is a job for tasting and grading the quality of chocolate!

One of the biggest chocolate companies in the world, Godiva recruits chocolate tasters. You need to have a great taste perception and tell the ingredients of a chocolate bar when you taste it. It’s a quite delicate and delicious job!

13.Pregnancy Couch

Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have. But it has many mental and physical difficulties in it. A professional pregnancy couch provides 3 step services to pregnant women. Pre-pregnancy, birth, and post-pregnancy.

Finding the right hospital for the birth, creating a birth schedule, finding the right person to take care of the mother after the birth; and helping the mother emotionally post-pregnancy period are some of the duties of a pregnancy coach.

14.Video Game Tester

Playing video games is a passion for many people. But testing the beta version of the games and giving feedback to the game studio can be a good gig as well.

Many game studios hire people (often as a remote job) to test the game before its release. A video game taster needs to play the game, find bugs, evaluate the game mechanics and finally make the video game better and better before the release date.

Feedback matters.


Hippotherapy is a therapy strategy in which the horse is involved in the process. It is considered as a form of physical, occupational ve speech therapy.

People with mental or physical disabilities can see the benefits of having hippotherapy. This therapy enhances balance, coordination, motor skills. Hippotherapist is a therapist who uses his/her horse to provide therapy service to people.

16.Professional Sleeper

Making money while sleeping is a dream, right? Everyone dreams of having a passive income.

But wait… This is a topic of another discussion.

Professional sleepers are people who attend scientific tests about the dream, sleep, and brain activity. You just apply for the scientific test that requires sleeping and get paid for your amazing service, sleeping.

Also, you contribute to the overall good of the world by submitting your brain activity data to the scientists!

17.Fake Commenter

This is quite unethical job, no doubt. But unfortunately, many companies recruit people to write comments online. Many hotels, restaurants, brands use these people to manage their online reputation. Even political parties use these “trolls” to manipulate the current agenda online, especially on Twitter.

18.Body Painter

Just like the regular painters we know, body painters are artists as well. The only difference is that they use the human body for their art. Body painting exists for centuries. It’s an anthropological matter. But today it’s mainly for art and entertainment purposes. And many body painters can make money in the movie, commercial, and advertisement gigs as well.

19.Island Watcher

34 years old British Ben Southall may have had the best job ever in the world. He was the watcher of this exotic island for 6 months. His job was to be on the island and take care of the house.

After 6 months of work, he retired as an island watcher and began working as a tourism expert in Australia.

What 6 months of work, huh?

20.Panda Caretaker

A research center in the Sichuan state of China recruits people to take care of the pandas they have. You play with them, you feed them, and take care of them. In return, you get paid, have free meals, free accommodation. Well, the pay may not be satisfying that much but imagine being a play friend of these cuties!

21.Venom Milker

If you fear even the name of “snake”, then this is not a job for you.

Professional snake poison milker deals with venomous snakes full time. They take out the venom from the snakes and store the venom for scientific purposes.

Indeed this job requires having a degree in biology and at least a masters degree in herpetology.

22.Netflix Classifier

Well, this might be the best job in the list. Have you ever wondered how the content in Netflix is classified?

This is done by the content classifiers in the Netflix.

The professional classifiers watch all the content on the Netflix and classify the movies, documentaries, and series into categories.

They help Netflix enhance its recommendation algorithm and viewing experience.

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