The Ultimate Service For Those Who Can’t Break Up

Breaking up is quite a difficult issue for many people, but there is an innovative online service called “The Breakup Shop” in order to ease the pain…

This shop provides several options to help you break up easily…

Breaking up by:
E-mail or SMS costs $10
Mail costs $20
Phone call costs $29

The Full Breakup Pack starts from 80 USD and includes your ex-lover’s favorite chocolate cookies, Netflix gift cards, video games, handwritten letters, a bottle of wine and many other things.

The Breakup Shop website says:

“The Breakup Gift Pack box can be used for other purposes as well. You can use the box to fill your ex-lover’s items, clothes, pictures and burn them at once.”

The founders of the company are Mackanzie and Evan. They are siblings and based in Canada. Their main business idea is like reverse-engineering Tinder. Tinder starts the fire and The Breakup Shop may help people to ‘put the fire out’.

Here the deal with the Breakup Shop:

You order a package from the store. Then the customer service representative calls you asking why you are intending to break up. In parallel to your reasons, they help you choose a relevant breakup method. After this point, the Breakup Shop dives in and handles the process. By e-mail, SMS or phone call, they let your man or woman know that you are done. This is done as politely and gently as possible.

Mackanzie ve Evan handle the process directly as for now, but they’re planning to recruit new people and grow their business.

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