Mom Approved Condoms

Here is another great business idea about safe sex!

Momdoms is a product who provides a conversation space about adult sexuality between moms and their children. In other words, moms can talk easily about contraception, protection and safe sex through Momdoms condoms!

Safe sexual life is especially important for young adults. This issue is a concern for many parents as well. Condoms produced by Momdoms have various mom-like advices on its package.

Many young adults often find talking about sexuality to their parents. The same applies to parents too! In these kinds of conditions, having decent communication plays a great role.

A tin can of Momdoms includes 6 condoms and costs around 6 dollars.

In the can, it says:

“Don’t Make Me Come In There”

“Wrap That Package Tightly”

“All Queens Need Protection”

“This Is Not What ‘Spread The Joy’ Means”

“I Told You”

“Honey, You Don’t Know Where That’s Been”

“Makes Clean Up A Snap”

“Beavers Can Be Dangerous”

“Keep Your Candy Wrapped”

Founders of Momdos, Kevin and Wayne say that “mom and sex issues can be interesting but we recommend that you enjoy the Momdoms.”

This business idea blends parent guidance and safe sexuality together in a witty manner. At least, it starts a conversation about sex education in families, and that is a good example of marketing.

What other contraception and sexual safety products can be produced? Sure, if it bleeds, it leads and sex always sells. But what other business ideas concerning safe sex have potential? We’re looking forward to see your opinions!


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