The Man Made 60K by Selling Whale Womit

We are here with another unique business idea.

Have you ever heard the word “ambergis”?

It is one of the ingredients of the most expensive and exotic bottled scents.

British entrepreneur Ken Wilman makes 60k a year by just selling ambergis, that is whale womit!

Wait. What?

Okay, we’ll explain what’s going on with the whale vomit.

One day, Ken Wilman was on the beach with his dog Madge. All of a sudden, Madge got weird and ran to the certain direction in the beach. What she sniffed and barked at was a kilogram of whale vomit. 

Then Ken Wilman saw that it was ambergis.

Ambergis is such an expensive entity.  A kilogram of ambergis is between 60.000 and 150.000 USD.

What’s ambergis?

Ambergis is a balm like substance that’s produced in the digestive system of the whales. Its color is generally dark gray and it’s quite flammable.

Ambergis is quite crucial for the whales because it helps the whales’ digestive system to digest sharp ve hard matters. It helps whale to digest better. After it was taken out from the whales’ body, it hardens and becomes an important ingredient in the parfume making. Thus, it’s a precious and exotic matter for the scent industry.

What is ambergis’ value?

Ambergis is taken out with the poo of the whales but sometimes it gets so big that whales can not take it out, they puke it out. Then the half-liquid substance gets hard and become a ball of puke. 

If you see the ambergis ball in the middle of the ocean, be aware! A kilogram of ambergis costs more than 5000 USD.

Why is it so valuable?

Because it is produced within the mammal body. You can not produce ambergis in the lab. (Yes, you can technically produce it in the lab but it will never be as good as the natural one.)

Ambergis, due to its chemical nature, has an unique and amazing smell. Moreover, it helps other component in the perfume to be more clear and potent. In other words, ambergis makes a regular perfume to stay longer on the skin. That’s why it is one of the most important ingredients of the most expensive perfumes.

How can I find some ambergis? 

Finding ambergis ball is a matter of luck. Because it is rare for whale to wander around the shores. They love the endless blueness of the oceans!

 The shores of the Atlantic Oceans, especially coasts of Brazil, The Maldives and New Zealand are popular places for ambergis hunting.

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